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 2022 was the largest year in the camp’s history! When we began to puzzle in all the booking requests for the summer, it was overwhelming. Hannah and I admitted to each other that it looked impossible to work them all in. We had a prayer meeting and asked the Lord for his wisdom and began. The Lord enabled us to book each of the groups that were requesting a date at that time. We were blessed with the busiest summer ever!   


 Praise the Lord for:

  • Over 525 decisions through the camp’s ministry
  • Over 25 baptisms
  • 8,000 volunteer hours 


 2022 Summary:

  • 7 metal roofs          
  • 7 vinyl floors installed          
  • Re-surfaced dining room floor          
  • Painted 22 interior rooms         
  • 19 ductless AC units installed 
  • Beach beautification
  • New AC in Old Chapel
  • Insulated Old Chapel
  • Refurbished game room
  • Refurbished shop bathroom for public use
  • Refurbished 3 golf carts
  • Added housekeeping storage    


Please pray for:  

  • The Holy Spirit’s moving in hearts
  • Staff unity and cohesiveness
  • Wisdom to establish priorities for summer prep
  • God’s continued provision
  • Additional 10-12 RV sites   
  • Old Chapel renovation
  • Shop addition and metal roof
  • Complete housekeeping storage
  • Flooring for 11 rooms 


In Christ,

Toni & Perry Rollins