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Greetings Friends!

Our busiest summer since Friends has been operating LSC is now history and what a summer it has been! One leader reported:

  • Multiple kids realized they had made regular things into idols and gave them up.
  • A girl obsessed with gymnastics quit so she could attend church and youth!
  • Another young man felt God asking him to put his video games away and he took them apart and disconnected them all!
  • One 7th grader started crying as he admitted that he hated church all his life and now he finally realized WHO it was all about and he fell in love with Jesus!
  • “I didn’t know Jesus was actually this much fun!”
  • There were actually 5 who surrendered to Jesus for the first time but almost everyone… left hungering after him more and realizing his great love for them!

2022 Statistics:

  • 475 decisions
  • 7,500 volunteer hours
  • 5,000 people served
  • $960,000 total income
  • $45,000 net income
  • $1,580,000 total assets


  • Installed 7 metal roofs
  • Painted 20 interior rooms
  • Insulated Game Room ceiling and also installed AC and new windows
  • Insulated Old Chapel ceiling and replaced both AC units
  • 9 new ductless AC units for LakeView Lodge
  • Installed ductless units in rooms 12 and 13
  • Beach Beautification
  • Largest summer attendance during Friends’ lease
  • Remolded shop bathroom for ballfield use
  • Installed vinyl floor in room 11

Pray for:

  • God’s continued provision
  • Quality staffing
  • Additional RV sites   


In Christ,

Perry & Toni Rollins 
Perry Rollins- Executive Director of Lake Swan Camp



Victory and Vision Weekend

October 21-23, 2022

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 Dear Legacy Partners and Friends,

Spiritually, the lives of many dedicated Christians have either been planted or harvested through the ministries that have taken place at Lake Swan Camp over the past NINETY FIVE YEARS! What a legacy! Assisting the church in fulfilling the Great Commission is not only our mission, it is our complete joy! We love serving the Lord with you!

Now, we celebrate our 95th year by inviting you all to come visualize what our 100th year celebration should entail, along with a five-year challenge of finishing well. How can we help serve the church going forward with the challenges of today? To what extent would you like to participate? Is there a special part that God would call you to? We are definitely seeking those that will come along with us as we serve to build His kingdom. This reunion will be a time of reconnection and revival. 


Options: full weekend program OR Saturday evening banquet only.

Your Lake Swan family reunion is coming alive – invite your friends and don't miss it for the world!  


Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  Psalm 90:12  


Be our guests- the cost is free.



Register now!