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 If we confess our sins he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness - I John 1:9 NIV

A recent guest at Lake Swan Camp recalled how God impacted her life here at the camp, as a 15-year old.  She went on to be a wife, mother, teacher and soccer mom.  Several of our lifeguard staff had the joy of praying with her to rededicate her life to the Lord and return to her first love. Stories like this have been repeated dozens of times this year as we have ministered to over 30 groups.


We praise the Lord for all that has been accomplished with an estimated 8k hours of volunteer work this year!

  • New Game Room floor
  • Old Chapel foundation repair, added porch and new windows, painted and remodeled interior walls
  • New Dining Room tables and chairs
  • Painted Anniversary Lodge interior
  • New curtains throughout camp




Please pray for:

  • Our busy summer season and the Holy Spirit’s work in the hearts and lives of our guest groups
  • Staff unity
  • Volunteer teams to help on our projects
  • Construction of 10 new RV sites
  • Gym
  • Equestrian Program

I am asking the Lord for a million dollars a year for the next three years to complete our Centennial Campaign.



Join us for the Victory and Vision Weekend on April 12-14, 2024!

Now, we celebrate our 97th year by inviting you all to come visualize what our 100th year celebration should entail, along with a five-year challenge of finishing well. How can we help serve the church going forward with the challenges of today? To what extent would you like to participate? Is there a special part that God would call you to? We are definitely seeking those that will come along with us as we serve to build His kingdom. This reunion will be a time of reconnection and revival. 

Come for the full weekend program OR come for the banquet Saturday at 6pm in Graham Chapel. 



In Christ,

Perry & Toni Rollins 
Perry Rollins- Executive Director of Lake Swan Camp


  • Sunday, April 21, 2024
  • Sunday, May 19, 2024
  • Sunday, June 16, 2024
  • April 12-14, 2024

Friends of Lake Swan Camp, Inc. Board of Directors:
David Geiger - Chairman/President, Marsha Metzger, Art Patray - Vice Chairman, Steven Adams, Sam Farrell (Jr), Don Folds, Matt Kelly, Brad Stephenson, Diane Strasbaugh - Secretary, & Perry Rollins-Ex Officio